How to Cash In With Home Energy Saver Pro

Home Energy Audit Calculator: How to Be Your Own Pro With a Home Energy Saver Audit

by Don Ames

On-Line Home Energy Audit

It is my recommendation, that the first step to take on your home energy saving quest is to complete this virtual home energy audit by Home Energy Saver Pro. This program (an ”energy calculator” as I like to call it) will support your energy conservation desires in a number of ways:

  • Takes about 30 minutes to complete the audit and it’s free.
  • Teaches you to be aware of the different energy components in your home.
  • Provides you the opportunity to think about your home and the features and appliances that effect energy usage.
  • Calculates specific areas where you can save energy.
  • Provides details on how to accomplish energy saving projects.
  • Demonstrates the financial commitments and rewards involved with energy saving activities.
  • Compares your usage with other homes in your area.

Not everyone has the opportunity for a real - blower door, duct blaster, infrared camera – home energy audit. So I recommend you log on to Home Energy Saver Pro and be amazed by this house full of energy saving information. The “Pro” has a great program for giving your home a virtual home energy audit. The program is surprisingly complete and functional in analyzing all aspects of your home that contribute to energy savings and energy waste.

Before you sign up and start providing the energy calculator with some real data about your home, gather up a little data of your own first, like basic home information including the length and width of your home (how big is your home). Your natural gas and electric bills – how much do you pay for electricity, natural gas, stove oil, or propane.

OK, I think we’re ready to get started:

From the home page, the first thing you do is drop in your zip code, Oh, yes, the good old zip code starts the ball rolling. The second thing you do is input your address. Just street address is fine. Somehow the program knows the City,State and Country.

The ”Pro” program has both a short form and a long form. (Sounds like we’re getting ready to do our taxes.) No use messing with the short form (quick input) format, like “Tim the Tool Man” would say, “let’s add some power.” Find the button that says, “Detailed Input”, and get started.

The calculator will lead you through a series of questions that will allow you to input the necessary data the calculator needs to perform the energy saving recommendations. Watch my screen cast to get some tips about navigating the calculator.

Home Energy Saver Pro will then provide an assessment of the energy usage of your home and make suggestions on where you can save energy. The assessment will include the following:

  • 1. Your Energy Breakdown: a graph showing where all the energy is going.
  • 2. Top ways to save: Pro is going to make some energy saving recommendations.
  • 3. Potential and Estimated Savings: How much money can you save if you make certain adjustments to your home or lifestyle.
  • 4. Annual energy cost comparison graph: How does your home compare with others in your area.
  • 5. Annual energy usage comparison graph.
  • 6. The opportunity to return to the program as often as you like. Plug in the energy saving projects you have completed and watch your annual energy costs go down.

If the video doesn’t start for you, try this link to Youtube.

Click here to head on over to the Home Energy Saver Pro

If your just not ready to have a Home Energy Auditor spend 4 hours crawling all around your home, I recommend you give Home Energy Saver Pro a try. I found the program to be very user friendly and the results eye-opening and encouraging.

Thanks for spending some time here at Detect Energy, hope you’ll come back soon, but I won’t leave the light on for you… Don Ames

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