Floor Insulation : Guess What’s in the Picture

Comfort and Energy Savings with Floor Insulation

by Don Ames

need floor insulation

I took this picture of the underfloor space and missing floor insulation at a home where I was doing an energy audit. I like to be able to take pictures like the one we are going to discuss here because it is a picture that shows there are energy saving opportunities available. This is a picture of low hanging fruit, so-to-speak. Being able to install floor insulation is low hanging fruit.

Let’s talk about fruit.

I really do not know why Energy Auditors and Weatherization professionals like to talk about fruit, but they seem to talk about fruit a lot. Something about some fruit being low enough that it is easy to pick. I guess floor insulation is like low-hanging-fruit because the need for the insulation is right there in front of you, easy to see, easy to recognize.

No need to get out the fancy expensive auditing tools, look under the floor and if there is no floor insulation, then pick the easy fruit, install floor insulation and save energy.

Let’s take a look under this floor and I will point out a few things for you to consider. Some things you will already recognize and some things might be brand new.

The work that needs to be done to insulate this floor and to seal and insulate the heating ducts, is a cross between do-it-yourself and hire a pro. With a little construction know-how and the desire to save some money, this floor insulation project is do-it-yourself. If you want to save energy and add comfort to your home without sliding around on your back with a face mask and eye goggles on, then make a phone call and hire an insulation contractor.

Might be some local or government rebates and tax credits to consider here, so hire a Contractor that is approved by your power provider.

If the screen cast is not working for you, try this link to youtube.

Hey, thanks for stopping by Detect Energy today, hope you will add floor insulation to your home, stop by again real soon, but I won’t leave the light on for you…