High Efficiency Clothes Washers

Today's Power Trip, the High Efficiency Clothes Washers, Just About All Washed Up.

by Don Ames

high efficiency clothes washer

Hi folks, hope your having an energy saving day, this is Don Ames, your host here at Detect Energy, thanks for stopping by. Let’s talk about my least favorite high efficiency clothes washers.

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As I promised yesterday, I have posted an article on some new fire fighting technology, using electricity to put out a fire. Read the article and leave a comment at the end, I would like to know if you believe this could really be a serious way to fight fires. Which is more practical, carrying around a big bucket of water to throw on a fire or packing around a heavy battery to electrocute a fire?

The way I look at it, I’m glad the price of a barrel of crude is heading north – if the cost of oil and gasoline was cheap, the thinkers and doers of the world would not be working so hard trying to figure out a way to live without it. Electric cars, solar power, picnic utensils you can eat, water bottles that are bio-degradable, ocean waves generating juice, protected property in Florida where bugs make oil, isn’t it all great.

My wife never has liked our newer front load, high efficiency clothes washers. She points out -

Three things she doesn’t like about it:

  • Doesn’t get clothes clean. ( She says it doesn’t use enough water to get clothes clean.)
  • Must clean out around the rubber door gasket all the time or it smells worse than dirty clothes.
  • Just two years old and it is already loosing a few brain cells.

I came home the other day to find the washer had a load of wet clothes and the door was locked and would not open. After unplugging the machine from the wall and plugging it back in a dozen times along with randomly pushing every button on the control panel, I final got the door unlocked and the wet clothes out. I checked hoses and filters, read the troubleshooting section in the manual, looked for the ever wonderful reset button (which it did not have ) and had just about given up. A trip to the appliance store with my credit card was appearing to be my only solution.

Just by chance, while the door was open, I noticed that the latch on the door was loose. It was held in place by a couple screws that needed to be tightened. I tightened the screws and shut the door and it closed with a different sound than just before. I threw the wet clothes back in the tub, set the washing machine to a gentle wash cycle and pushed the start button. Can’t believe it, so far the washer is working and actually heading into the spin cycle. Did I just tighten a couple screws and save myself a bunch of money? I hope so. It’s not all good however, my wife still hates the machine.

The trials and tribulations my wife has had with this front loading, high efficiency machine brings the whole energy efficient washing business under a new light. Go to the appliance store shopping for a new clothes washer and you feel like your shopping for, and looking at, a Bentley. Have you seen the slick, stylish machines that are available now. They look like expensive race cars or something. Have you seen the price tags? They are priced like race cars too.

Let’s remember now, these are machines that wash dirty clothes and spent their lives sitting in a garage or utility room. Do they really need to look like a Jaguar. Are you really impressing yourself or your neighbors by having the garage with the slickest washing machine on the block?

Shopping for new high efficiency clothes washers

  • Look at the tub size, usually 4.0 to 5.0 cubic feet.
  • Look for the EnergyStar label.
  • Don’t get too excited about steam cleaning or so many control buttons you’ll never use.
  • Pay little attention to the brand name, Whirlpool makes Kenmore, etc. You never really know who makes what anymore.
  • Look for the best sale. Discounted $50 with a $50 rebate and on a two day 20% sale – might be a pretty good deal.

Most stores seem to only carry the less expensive, basic models in stock. Want the Ferrari, you will need to special order it.

Hey, thanks for dropping by Detect Energy today, hope you come back real soon. Don’t forget to read the article about the electrical fire fighter, pretty cool.